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Individualized Support.

Training, Questions, Business Consultations, Point of Sale: Whatever the issue, we will help you find the solution.  


Hardware, Software, Websites, Security

We strive to be a one-stop-shop.  We not only fix and upgrade computers, we also keep most parts in stock.

Networking Services.

Cable runs, wireless networks, access points, VPNs.   We provide the hardware, the technicians, the configurations.

Technical Services.

Replace laptop screens, jacks, hard drives, etc.  Install software, updates, upgrades Bring your computer in or we can go to you.


The internet is an amazing tool, but can be dangerous.  Don't be naive.  You need protection, and the "best" antivirus changes every few years.  We keep up on the tools that provide the most thorough solutions and for the best prices.  Call us before you buy online or click on an add for "Free" protection.


For only $35, we run full hardware, system software, and virus scans/diagnostics.  We test for bad hard drive sectors, over heating, update errors, system driver conflicts, registry errors, malware, etc.  From the data gathered we can give you a firm quote on repairs and recommend whether it's best to fix or replace the computer.


We can put your business online, monitor traffic, train you how to use selling tools, make a mobile website version for smartphones, manage a social media marketing campaign.  Bring us your project and let's create your online presence!

PC Services - Sales - Solutions

Pro Computing LLC

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