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Fixing computers, printers, servers and networks for 25 years

- From the Owner, Tracy L. Sundstrom


I started out as a college intern for IBM in the early 1990s, supporting the computer systems used to design the International Space Station.  What a great opportunity for me to learn my trade on the best cutting edge technology.  I continued to work with IBM, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Lockhead Martin, and NASA on the Delta rocket programs through the end of the decade.

I longed to return home to raise my daughter in the mid-west, instead of the hussle & bussle of Los Angeles.  I found a centrally located property on the main drag, upgraded it to a commercial location, and soon after opened Pro Computing LLC.  I have been in business almost 17 years now.  

I have always strived to maintain a comfortable place for customers to come in and discuss their computing needs over a cup of coffee.  Technology doesn't need to be intimidating and technicians don't need to talk over people's heads.  The simplest solution is usually the best.  It's the most affordable, the easiest to learn, and the quickest to support.  Don't let anyone fast-talk or bully you into a system that waaaaay more than you need.  Technology changes too fast, and you aren't going to save any money trying to anticipate the future.  If you are looking at specs of a new computer to buy, call, email, or text a pic to me first.  I'll tell you if it's a good fit and if the price is right.

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